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Serif RotateMyPics 1.0

A free tool to put back into their right position any number of of JPG files
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Serif RotateMyPics is a small free application that puts back into their right position as many JPEG files as you need in one single step. The resulting images retain the exact same quality of the input photograph, as no compression whatsoever is involved in the rotation process.

This tiny tool could easily work as a plug-in for other image editing applications, and in fact it does look more as an add-on than as a standalone program. Its minimal interface requires very little intervention on your part – namely, select the folder where the images are stored. (Note that you will not be able to rotate individual image files unless they have been previously isolated from other JPEG pictures in a folder of your choice.)

The main asset of this tiny tool is the fact that no quality is lost during the rotation process. To do so, and to avoid any compression, the program divides each image into 16 parts, rotates each one of them individually, and puts them all together in the required position. Its batch capabilities are based on the EXIF Orientation Tags, which tell the program the exact position of the camera when the photographs were taken. Thus, RotateMyPics can automatically put back into its right position any JPEG making use of that EXIF information.

One last thing – you can also tell RotateMyPics to download and rotate the images stored in your camera with just one click.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch rotation available
  • No image quality is lost in the process


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